Birthday wishes for the birthday girl …

Posted On September 11, 2007

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Happy birthday

Hey babe … It’s really really great having a friend like her specially when she always reminds you that her birthday is coming … so there’s no chance of missing it … otherwise I know it’s a real downtime when someone forget’s to wish you birthday and then when that someone comes out to be best buddy like me. Although I am not at all with her and won’t be able to meet her too today that I know is something that I won’t be able to pay back ever in her life … Meeting her was something I would have never missed in life … but then that’s what irony is like I always say … sometimes the most common things in life turn out to be the most uncommon things in life … but I still have the preparation in mind .

Well A birthday is a nice occasion and so is for her and I love listening her smile … I wish by heart that I could be there see her enjoying so much … and this small one for just the birthday girl goes like this …
Honey your birthday is a joyous occasion for all of us around you … and always think that how much you see everyone around you and someone who’s not around you happy … is something that’s real and should be comforting for you … What could be a better birthday gift than the gift of happiness? And I just loved all the while you were smiling and I was listening it on the phone … “

Here’s a small naughty one from your friend you know what all i can think … in the end it’s the same Neil … so here it is and think about it and let me know what the quote made you think …

“A well-adjusted woman is one who not only knows what she wants for her birthday, but even knows what she’s going to exchange it for.”

Although this wasn’t really a post … but still it had to be a letter to my friend … because whatever it be … I am shouting to the world … just for you … that honey … no matter I missed it today … but I am feeling happy altogether … because I know it’s your special day today … and moreover … it’s really nice hearing you smile … as you are one big reason who has made my life … happier than ever … every single day since we have met … and you are the perfect one …

mmmmmmmmmm … and don’t forget the greenery … and … Muah …

My Sun,my Moon, my guiding Star,my kind of wonderful, that’s what you are




2 Responses to “Birthday wishes for the birthday girl …”

  1. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. Veenu

    Nobody asked if someone agreed on this …

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