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Posted On July 28, 2007

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This is our first blog together & with Our I mean me – Veenu & my Friend – Neil so thats why Veeneil (EINSTIEN)…..Yehhhhhhhh. I am so excited as within few minutes Friendship Day is about to begin and what better thing to write about than our Friendship. I wanna start with how me & neil met……..very interesting story. Let me start by saying “andheri raat nahi thi & bijli bhi nahi karak rahi thi”.To sum up it was a boring night. Around midnight on 23rd april’2007, We were in a room full of people but chose to buzz eachother and say that infamous “HI”. And when I say room full of people i mean Yahoo rooms. As far as I can think I just remember Me & Neil talking n chatting, chatting n talking. That doesnt mean we have nothing to do, that means we are such an interesting company & whenever we get time from our very busy schduele 🙂 its always a pleasure. Best thing about Neil is he is never short of things to talk about but the bestest (I know bestest is no word in English dictionary but concentrate on the part when i am trying to describe how important is that stone) part still remains his “Horny Stone” which makes him famous “Horny Stone Bearer“.

I am glad we met on that “non andheri bijli less night” and looking forward to many more hours of non stop BC which is supposed to make no sense at all.

Rest to be continued………………….