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Posted On August 17, 2007

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Wanted to share this beautiful explanation by a Priest given to a novice in a book by Paulo Coelho. Name of the book is ” By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept”. While reading this book I related with the girl in the book. True to life character and the book interesting enough to hold interest of people like me who don’t read much. Imagine………while reading I was so much in to the book, finished it it just 3 days. Well I know its no big achievement to finish a book in 3 days but it was for me…….

“After an exhausting morning session of prayer in the monastery of Piedra, the novice asked the abbot ( The superior of a monastery):

‘Do all these prayers that you teach us make God move closer to us?’

‘I’m going to reply with another question,’ said the abbot. ‘Will all the prayers you say make the sun rise tomorrow?’

‘Of course not! The sun rises in obedience to a universal law.’

‘Well, there’s the answer to your question. God is close to us regardless of how much we pray.’

The novice was shocked.

‘Are you saying that our prayers are useless?’

‘Absolutely not. If you don’t wake up early enough, you will never get to see the sunrise. And although God is always close, if you don’t pray, you will never manage to feel His presence.’”


YO Quote by Paulo Uncle

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“It’s precisely the possibility of making a dream come true that makes life interesting.”
The Alchemist

Learning SAP

Posted On August 17, 2007

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Just started learning SAP, the best part about this course is that it keeps one confused & occupied throughout the time one is working on it:-). Today, a cute sardar ji tried to explain me the procedure of making a Recurring Document but all in vain. May be because he himself was so confused about it but I tried to pretend that I understood everything. Go back and read again then may be you will understand the reason for my pretention :-)……One CUTE sardar ji. So I hope its making some sense now……..he he!!. After a long time I am enjoying studying again in a group and imagine who is part of my group. My Big S and when I say S I mean sister, behen, khaala and the most important Deepu Massi.……So like all the siblings say in bollywood wala world that “It’s healthy competition”.